Youth Group

We are currently running two youth group classes on Sunday evenings at 6:00pm at Four Seasons Ministry.
Kids JAM (Jesus and Me) is for children 10 years old or younger.  We have many fun activities as we learn how to help one another and our community while learning about God and Jesus.  We would love to have you come and join us.  For more information please call Kevin at 284-1384.
Our SLAM youth group also meets at 6:00pm on Sundays.  SLAM stands for Students Living A Mission.  All young people aged 11 and older are included in this group. This group also does fun activities and spends time doing community work and helping those in need. Please come and join us as we work together to understand and fulfill God's mission for our lives. For more information please call Shannon at 284-1384.

Bell Chapel United Methodist Church
3419 State Route 213 Steubenville, OH 43952
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